The Exelsuper Service

Exelsuper is the complete SMSF service, offering people the satisfaction of managing their own SMSF. At Exelsuper we have tailored two Fee and Service options for you to choose from depending on your needs and experience and of course your budget.

Exelsuper has the resources to manage all SMSF Records and Bookkeeping, Preparation and Lodgement of Annual Tax Returns with ATO, Annual Audit, Technical and Strategic Advice and Investment and Insurance Management all in one place.

A well managed SMSF will result in three things:

  • Improved tax outcomes for you and your fund
  • Well thought out estate plans to ensure the wealth you leave behind is a legacy that benefits your family the way you intended
  • Smart investments that are built using yourideas and talents that include a wide variety of options such as investment property, shares or term deposits.

Hand in hand with these great advantages is a set of ATO rules and obligations that a self managed super fund must comply with on an ongoing basis. Enjoy a stress free SMSF experience with Exelsuper managing these details.

The Exelsuper service includes:

intel super service

Exelsuper will from time to time require you to sign paperwork, authorise payments and transfers and of course make decisions regarding your fund investment strategy. It’s that simple.

Exelsuper will guides you through the process, providing you with the right information to help you make sound investment choices and ensuring you meet all of your legal obligations and responsibilities.

You will be surprised at how simple SMSF really is with Exelsuper.

Compare Our Fees

At Exelsuper we have tailored two fee packages for you to choose from depending on your needs and experience and of course your budget.

ExelsuperLITE logo Exelsuper SMSF logo

ExelsuperLITE Fee Package

Exelsuper SMSF Fee Package

ExelsuperLITE is an economically priced DIY SMSF option with similar features as the full-service Exelsuper SMSF, enabling you to establish an SMSF with a minimal balance. As a result, you will be required to accept more work and responsibility for the management and ongoing administration of your own SMSF. Upgrade from the ExelsuperLITE package to Exelsuper SMSF is available at any time. Learn more about the ExelsuperLITE Fee package here. All prices include GST.

Exelsuper SMSF is a full service package where we do all the work for you. You maintain all investment control while one of our qualified SPAA Specialist Accredited SMSF advisor's will personally manage the fund on your behalf. Our comprehensive inclusions in the Exelsuper SMSF package are available here. All prices include GST.

Establishment Fee Establishment Fee
$1,349 (Payable upfront) $2,585 (Once only Fee)
Monthly Administation Fee Monthly Administration Fee
$275/per month $458/per month

Please refer to our Fees for Other Services for a comprehensive outline of the other services that Exelsuper offers.

Our Capabilities

Exelsuper offers a full-service Self Managed Superannuation package where we can do all the work for you. One of our dedicated SPAA accredited SMSF Specialist Advisors™ will personally be on hand to help you manage your SMSF.

Our management team has extensive financial services and superannuation experience to deliver the highest level of technical & strategic superannuation advice and taxation services, giving you the confidence to manage your own superannuation.

Our adviser team works hard to keep up to date with SMSF changes and legislation and has access to regular leading local and global investment market research and data.

In addition our advisers are experts in general financial planning matters such as insurance, retirement advice, and general superannuation funds.

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